Collaboration with Danish Refugee Council

Collaboration with Danish Refugee Council

 Plastfree commits to contribute to Danish Refugee Council’s important work with providing women and girls with bathing facilities, education on menstruation – to women and men – to puncture myths that stigmatize women and counter misleading ideas surrounding menstruation. And funding reusable sanitary pads, soap, and a bucket of water.

Read more about the organization Danish Refugee Council, and if you wish to donate to the campaign ‘That Time of the Month’ Click here

“Having poor access to sanitary pads, many refugee and displaced girls and women are prevented from going to school every month. Prevented from going to work. Prevented from participating in leisure activities. All because they don't have a pad. This is the reality for millions of women and girls on the move whenever 'that time of the month' comes around.

Right now, approximately 1.8 mill. people are displaced in Bangladesh – half of them are women and girls. Plastfree has committed to donate 5p from every box sold to DRC's campaign 'That time of the Month', providing important funds to Danish Refugee Council’s work in the largest refugee camp in the world, Cox Bazaar, in Bangladesh. Despite having one of the world’s largest population densities, Bangladesh continues to generously host the world’s largest refugee settlement – and Danish Refugee Council is there.

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) – is a leading, international humanitarian displacement organisation, supporting refugees and internally displaced persons in 40 countries. They provide protection and life- saving humanitarian assistance. DRC was founded in Denmark in 1956, employs 9,000 staff and is supported by 7,500 volunteers in Denmark.”

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