3 in 1 design

Anushka couldn't find any disposable sanitary pads in UK that were certified ORGANIC, SUPER ABSORBENT and AFFFORDABLE, so she designed & conceptualised it herself


Organic sanitary pads

Five times more absorbent then leading brands and super soft to wear with no fibre shedding


Organic tampons

A perfect alternative to the plastic tampons that have been littering the beaches and oceans for decades


Organic Maternity pads

Double wings, 500ml absorption and cotton covers. Perfect for your hospital bag


Organic Liners

Easy to use, no wings, organic cotton, soft to your skin, all day comfort


Period Pouch Bag

Beautifully handcrafted period pouches, designed by our charity partner in Kolkata are perfect for your travel to carry pads, tampons, liners and underwear securely.


First Period kit for young girls

Plastfree Period Kit is the perfect gift for those starting period for the first time and introducing them to a better product that is kinder to their skin and body


Why Plastfree?


Join the Plastfree Revolution by switching to organic and plastic free and be a part of the slow and steady change