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Organic & Absorbent

"Although I was pleased to find a few products in the market that was organic & biodegradable, however, as a customer I was not satisfied with the quality, performance and packaging. Many still came with wrappers, core, back sheet all made of plastic and did not absorb well enough causing leaks and stains. That's why I started Plastfree"- Anushka, Co-founder

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When you buy, we donate

We donate 5p for every product sold to help fund our work with supplying displaced women and girls with sanitary pads in the world’s largest refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar, in Bangladesh with DANISH REFUGEE COUNCIL

Till March 2023 we have donated 79,000+pads with 17+ charities in UK & abroad to tackle period poverty, film screenings to raise awareness, beach and river clean ups, talks in schools & collaborating with like minded organisations.

Our charity partner in India is a wonderful organisation CALCUTTA RESCUE with whom we have started to work closely to donate pads monthly to children and women in slums in Kolkata- our home town. We are also working on a handicraft project to generate employment by including bespoke hand stitched sanitary pouches in our PERIOD KIT too.

We had partnered with We Do Ethical in 2021 to plant trees to offset our carbon emissions & work towards being carbon neutral.

Plastfree has donated to NHS during covid as well in partnership with MISS ENGLAND TEAM with our Brand Ambassador 2020-21 Bhasha Mukherjee, NHS Doctor and our Plastfree Eco Queen 2021- Poppy Gerrard

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